Complete Pictorial Representation of Life of Sai Baba

Aum Sai Ram.

This is my First Post after 3 Days of Mourning for our Dear Sai Bandhu Sri Suresh Kumar Soni. As Promised I've come with a Most wonderful Set of Snaps today In Pictorial Representation Of Life of Sai Baba Series. We have already seen 4 sets of Snaps. Visit them using the below given links.

This set consists of Complete set of 38 Snaps showing the Complete Pictorial Representation of Life of Sai Baba.Enjoy today's Post. 25th of July 2010 is Guru Poornima. So Do visit a near by Sai Mandir on the Sacred Day. If Sai Mandir is not in your vicinity, then Pray at your home in front of Baba. Prepare some Sweet for Naivaitheya & pray to Baba.

Shirdi Sai Baba as Brahma - Vishnu - Maheshwara : Dattatreya

Sai baba at age of 16 Sitting under Neem Tree/Gurusthan & Meditating. Baba's Public Appearence for the First Time in Shirdi

Four Diya's below Neem Tree/Gurusthan

Chand Patil Meeting Sai Baba While Searching for his Mare Bijli.
Baba offers Hukka

Sai Baba's Arrival to Shidi with Chand patil's Marriage party.
Mhalsapati welcomes him as " Aao Sai"

Baija Maa offers Food to Sai

Sai Giving Darshan to Devotee in the Form of Ganesh

Baba's Bed Stead

Baba Playing with Children

Baba Performing DOUTI KRIYA

Baba Blessing Child Suffering with Disease

Sagun Mirnaiyak. Baba's Child

Shriman Buti with Baba taking permission
to build a Wada for Devotees Stay

Baba's 3 Day Samadhi to give Moksha to one of his Devotees

Jamanair Miracle

Ramgirbua Chandorkar (jamanair Leela)

Sai Devotees with Baba at Dwarkamai

Baba as Sita - Ram

Baba as Dattatreya

Baba as Ram

Baba as Panduranga Vittal

Scandal Monger

Chavadi Procession

Part of the Roof Collapsing while Baba & Others having food.
Baba orders the wall to stop falling

Baba asking theif to Return back to Save Dasganu.

Baba Saving Black Smith's Child from Fire

Baba tells Tatya to Aviod Travel

Veerabhadrappa & Chenabasappa

Das Ganu sees all 3 Rivers in Baba's Feet

Baba Cooking food for Devotees

Baba Grinding Wheat to Remove Cholera

A Fraud acting as Baba's Guru

Bhagoji Leprosy Cure

Baba in front of Dhuni at Dwarkamai

Baba Lighting Diya

Baba Sitting under Neem Tree During Flood

Devotee Dreaming of Baba at Mumbai & gets the Painting the next Day

Baba Chavadi Procession Painting
Allah Malik.

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